UNYP's Final Examination Period (DEC 13-17) going fully online

by UNYP Rector's Office -

Dear Students,

The measures introduced under the state of emergency that was declared by the Government of the Czech Republic in effect from November 26, do not impose directives that would affect the delivery mode of classes. Therefore, unless we receive different instructions from the relevant authorities, classes will run as they have up till now for the next two weeks (on campus with students that were granted exceptions being allowed to join via ZOOM).* However, the final examination period (Dec 13-17) will be fully online. ** We want to ensure that students in the same class have the same format of their final examination/assignments.

*If you are in you are enrolled in fully online classes, these will continue without change.

** Please follow ESC instructions for ESC classes.

We wish you a safe and successful end of the semester. 

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by UNYP Library -

Dear Students,

We would like to remind you, that ALL BOOKS MUST BE RETURNED to the UNYP Library no later than December 19th.

You don't need any ID for the return, anyone can return the books on your behalf. If you are abroad, or if you have any questions, please, contact us at to agree on how to proceed.

The UNYP Library will be closed from December 20th until the end of the year, with the only exception of December 28th. For more information about the opening hours, please, check the Library page.

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Reminder to Intl´ Students to check validity of their Visas/Permits in CR

by Student Affairs -

Dear students,

If you plan to leave the CR for your winter break and return only for the Spring Semester, we recommend that you:

  • Check the validity of your current long-stay visa or residence permit card so that you are sure that you can travel out of CR and return before the visa/RP expires.

  • If your current long-stay visa/RP card is valid until Summer 2022, you can travel with it and you can discard this reminder. 

  • If your long-stay visa/RP card expires in January 2022, don’t forget to apply for its extension by submitting all the required documents before you leave.
    At the same time, you will have to ask the Interior Ministry’s office to issue a bridge visa for you so that you are able to travel and re-enter CR in January-February 2022

  • If your application for long-stay visa/RP card extension has still been in process and you will not have a new card before the date of your planned departure, you will have to ask the Interior Ministry’s office to issue a bridge visa for you so that you are able to travel and re-enter CR in January-February 2022.
    At the same time, we recommend you keep checking your application status at and as soon as it is approved, to schedule a biometric appointment after your expected return to CR, calling the Ministry’s Client Center at

  • Please note that if you fail to apply or return to CR before the expiry date on your long-stay visa, residence permit card or bridge visa, you may have no other choice for prolongation of your stay in CR than to apply for a new long-stay visa at the Czech Consulate in your home country.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Student Affairs/International Students Office at

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