UNYP premises will be closed on Thursday, October 28

by UNYP Rector's Office -

Dear UNYP community,

Due to State Holiday on Thursday, October 28,  all UNYP premises will be closed.

Enjoy your time off.

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Housing Stipend FALL 2021

by Registrar Office -

Dear students,

You have the opportunity to apply for Housing Stipend again in Fall 2021.

Housing Stipend Fall 2021

Housing stipend is financial compensation paid by the Czech government for the purpose of housing to those UNYP students whose permanent residence is OUTSIDE of the city of Prague.

Housing Stipend in Fall 2021 is 540 CZK per month for 4 months (or 3 months for students who started in October 2021). The total sum is paid to students at the end of the current semester (they will get and email from Accounting Office towards the end of the semester).

What do you need to apply? 

  • If you have a new identity card or passport, send a scan of it to before submitting the application
  • Fill in and submit the Housing Stipend application electronically AT THIS LINK

Deadline for submitting applications online is 07.11.2021 at 23:59.

Who is eligible to receive HOUSING STIPEND?

Full-time degree-seeking students (students of Bachelor double-degree program with a minimum of 9 semester credits (or 12 credits if they are Fall 2021 freshmen); students of Bachelor European program with a minimum of 18 ECTS (or 24 ECTS if they are freshmen Fall 2021); Master in Psychology students - MPS who fulfill all following conditions:

o   Students who do not have their permanent residence in Prague

o   Students enrolled in programs accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (BA, BBA, IER, CMM, PSY, Master in Psychology - MPS)

o   Students who have not exceeded 3 years of study (Bachelor students), 2 years of study (MPS students) or 4 years (students of double-degree Bachelor programs accredited before 2018). Studies at previous universities are included.

o   Students who do not apply for this stipend outside of UNYP

Please note that the Ministry of Education is the institution that determines if a particular student is eligible for Housing Stipend. Furthermore, the Ministry only considers students enrolled in their "first study program/field" or transfer students "continuing their studies in the same field" to be eligible.  Those are internal terms applied by the Ministry of Education. Whether a student is recognized as "continuing study in the same study field" is also dependent on the code under which his/her previous university reported the leaving student.

Study Abroad, Exchange and American degree only students are NOT eligible for the Housing Stipend.

 Social Stipend Fall 2021    

Who is eligible to receive social STIPEND?

o   Students who already are awarded enhanced level child benefit by the Czech State support office (by Úřad státní sociální podpory).

o   Students have to obtain a confirmation from the State support office declaring that an income of whole family is not higher than the minimum subsistence level in the Czech Republic and which is not also higher than a coefficient of 1,5.

How to apply?

Bring the confirmation from the State support office and an affidavit that the amount of income that you provide is authentic.

Deadline for submitting forms: 07.11.2021 at 23:59.

Have a great day!

Registrar Office


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Register for a new UNYP Webinar!

by UNYP Marketing dpt. -

Dear UNYP Community, 

UNYP in cooperation with Future Females Prague is organizing a hybrid panel discussion „Women in business: Challenges and the path to success“ with a small reception after the talks by the Embassy of Canada.


H.E. Ayesha Patricia Rekhi – Ambassodor of Canada to the Czech Republic
Martina Bacíková – INEV, FORBES 30 under 30
Linda Štucbartová – Diversio
Dimana Mabhena and Barbora Langer – GenWork, Future Females Prague

The discussion will be focused on the status quo and the challenges of gender inequality within the business world. The reports are still showing huge gaps between funding female-founded and male-founded companies. So what really keeps women-owned businesses from getting more money? How to address it. We are inviting you to join our amazing speakers next Tuesday, November 2nd at 17:00. 

There are two ways to attend – registrations are required as the capacities are limited. Please, choose one of the two links for letting us know you are coming.



There is an opportunity to network at the afterward reception

You can find more information about the event HERE. Please feel free to share this information with your friends, classmates and colleagues. 

Thank you very much! 


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