| Friday, 10 May 2019 |
Global event

Final Exams End, Spring 2019 Semester

08:00 » 18:00
Global event

Seventh International Student Research Conference

10:00 » 18:00

Get ready and get informed! Here are your candidates for the current open positions (in no particular order): 

- Daniel Luptak

- Bianca Lovicova

- Sophia Langer

- Pavel Hollovic

- Rufat Jabarov 

Course event

End of Semester Boat Party :D


The semester is soon to be over with and summer is on its way! 

Come celebrate the end of exams this Friday at a boat party! 

Tickets (with included welcome drink!) will be sold in the cafeteria on Monday and Tuesday 12-16 as well as through messaging any of the SC members, or letting them know personally :) 

—> you can check out the official event using the following link: