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    • Double Majors

      Students may seek a second concentration (major) while studying in the SUNY, Empire State College Bachelor’s degree program at UNYP. Students are encouraged to notify their department chairs early in their study program as well as arrange to meet with the Director in the ESC office in order to seek approval and develop their study plan.

      Students who have GPA’s above 3.2 are normally supported in this request.  Students must consult with the ESC office no later than the end of their 1st academic year having completed a maximum of 36 academic credits. Approval is also required from the Chair of the Department in which the student wishes to seek the double concentration.

      Normally, students find it easier to seek dual degrees in Business Administration and International and Economic Relations, however, other degree program combinations are possible.

      Students are awarded one degree, either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science depending on the area of study. As with all degrees awarded by ESC, the student’s concentrations (majors) are not depicted on the degree. The student’s final transcript, however, will identify that the student has a dual major and has been awarded a dual degree. 

      Degree programs must satisfy both study program degree requirements including 24 advanced level credits in each program area. This will leave little time for general electives, not to be confused with General Education courses which are required. If a student is unable to meet the requirements of the dual degree within the 128 credit requirement, the student will be required to continue study beyond these credits, with tuition, until she/he has satisfied the course requirements for both concentrations (majors). The student’s senior project/thesis should blend the two study programs, showing an integration of both knowledge areas.   Students are expected to maintain a 3.2 or better GPA. Sample programs are available in the ESC office.