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    Graduation Ceremony 2022

    When:  Friday, June 24, 2022 

    Where: Obecní dům (Municipal House)

    Interior of Municipal House, Smetana Hall

    Questions concerning the ceremony should be directed to

    • Graduation Day Schedule

      Graduate Schedule for Graduation Day:

      14:00    Arrival at Venue
      14:00 - 14:30    Check-in, distribution of numbered name cards
      14:30 - 16:00    Rehearsal of line up, procession and seating
      16:00 - 16:30    Getting dressed
      16:30 - 17:00    Line up
      17:00    Graduation ceremony begins
      19:00    Graduation ceremony ends (approximately)
      19:00 - 19:30    Graduation photographs taken 
      19:30 - 20:30    Reception for graduates and guests

      Guest Schedule for Graduation Day:

      16:30 - 17:00    Arrival at venue, seating
      17:00    Graduation ceremony begins
      19:00    Graduation ceremony ends (approximately)
      19:00 - 20:30    Reception for graduates and guests

      Note to all graduates:

      - Bring your graduation garb - cap, gown, and hood (master's graduates only). You will not be allowed to march in the graduation ceremony without regalia.

      - There is no secure storage for personal belongings available during the ceremony. Please leave all personal items (including purses, mobile phones, wallets) with your family and/or friends as you will not be allowed to take anything with you to your seat.

      - Please remind your family and friends to bring their invitations as they will not be allowed to enter the venue without them.

      - The actual diplomas are not distributed during the ceremony. All graduates will be notified by email when diplomas are available for pick-up.

      Remember, this is your day. You should all be proud of your accomplishments. We hope that you and your families and friends will enjoy the ceremony. Have fun, you have earned it! Best of luck to you all as you embark on the next chapter of your life. And, please stay in touch!

      • Before the Graduation Ceremony

        1. Register for the ceremony

        Every students who completes his/her degree (bachelor's, master's or PhD) has the option to attend the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony is not mandatory. This event is to celebrate your academic achievement with your fellow students, family and friends.

        To participate in the Graduation Ceremony June 2022, students must register online no later than Friday, February 25, 2022.  

        2. Pay the ceremony fee

        The fee to attend the graduation ceremony is 3.000,- CZK per student. The fee includes:
           - participation in the ceremony
           - 4 invitations for your guests
           - academic regalia: gown, cap and tassel (you own the regalia)
           - master's hood rental  - Master's students only (you need to return the hood to staff right after you have finished taking photographs, please)
           - after graduation ceremony drinks reception for graduates and guests
           - graduation ceremony video and photos
           - UNYP graduation T-shirt

        The graduation ceremony fee must be paid in full at the time of the pick up of your Grad Pack.

        Payment may be made:
           1. online
           2. by wire transfer
           3. in the Accounting Office - in cash or by credit card

        3. Pick up your Grad Pack

        Graduation packs (Grad Pack), containing academic regalia and invitations, will be distributed:

           Times:  Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:00
           Venue:  Accounting Office (L41, floor 5)

        The Grad Pack cannot be mailed, You can ask a friend or family member to pick up the Grad Pack for you. You must provide your friend or family member with a note signed by you in order for them to pick up your Grad Pack. Your friend or family member will also need to show their photo ID.

        Academic Regalia
        Students must wear academic regalia to walk in the graduation ceremony. Undergraduate graduates wear a black robe and a black mortarboard with a tassel. Master's degree graduates wear a black robe, a black mortarboard with a tassel and a colored hood (distinguished by program), which may be rented from UNYP (the rental is included in the graduation fee). The academic regalia must be ordered through UNYP when registering for the graduation ceremony (the fee is included in the graduation fee).

        Each student will receive four (4) invitations for family and friends. All guests will be admitted by invitation only. There is a waiting list for additional invitations; extra invitations are not guaranteed though. If you require additional invitations, please indicate so when registering for the ceremony.

        • Day of the Graduation Ceremony

          4. Attend the rehearsal (14:00 - 16:00)

          A rehearsal of the procession and seating will be held on the day of the graduation. All graduates walking in the ceremony are required to attend the rehearsal. It is important that you arrive on time and that you follow the instructions given to you by the UNYP staff.

          The rehearsal program is as follows:

          14:00    Arrival at venue
          14:00 - 14:30    Check-in
             Distribution of numbered name cards 
          14:30 - 15:00    Line up
             Procession and seating rehearsal )
          15:00 - 16:00    Q&A

          You do not need to wear your cap and gown for the rehearsal.

          5. Get dressed (16:00 - 16:30)

          The traditional academic garb has three (3) basic parts:
          1. Gown
          2. Cap and tassel (střapec) 
          The traditional "mortarboard" hat can be tricky - hairpins may help. The tassels are blue. Students who have attained academic honors as determined by the administration of the universities represented wear gold tassels.
          The tassel should hang on the right side of the hat. You will be instructed during the ceremony when to move it to the left side - a traditional sign that you have been awarded the university degree.
          3. Hood (for Master's degree graduates only)

          Line up for the ceremony (16:30 - 17:00)

          You must be on time for line up. All graduates will line up in cap and gown in the same order as practiced during the graduation rehearsal. Graduation stoles will be distributed, at this point, to the valedictorians by the Grad Marshals.

          You will line up according to the number on your card. If the person in front of you has a smaller number, and the person behind you has a larger number, then do not move - you are in the right place. It is important that you line up in a proper order so that your names are called in the same order as they appear on the program. This allows your family and friends to know when to expect to see you on the stage.

          Guests will not be allowed in the line up area.

          7. Graduation Ceremony (17:00 - 19:00)

          March in
          - Follow the instructions of the Grad Marshals. They will lead you to the main hall  and to your seats. Do not leave empty seats.
          - Remember to walk in the moderate slow pace, and keep at least an arm's length between you and the person in front of you.
           - After arriving at your seat, please remain standing until the national anthems are played, and the presenter asks the audience to take to their seats.

          Walk across the stage
          - The Grad Marshal will walk up to the first row of seats. When indicated, the first row will stand (all other rows will remain seated). The Grad Marshal will direct the graduates to the stage. The graduates will file out at the right side of the stage and remain there until called on stage. Take only your name card with you as you enter the stage area.
          - The graduates go on stage individually. When indicated by the Grad Marshal, walk up the stage and hand in your name card to the presenter who will announce your name.
          - Upon hearing your name called, walk over to the university official who will hand you degree recognition (not the actual diploma) to you. Please remember to face the audience as you receive your degree recognition - your family and friends will want to see you as well as the professional photographer will take place a photo of you. (Please note that guests are not allowed on the main hall floor to take photos.)
          - After shaking the hands with the people presenting your degree recognition and taking the photograph(s), continue to walk across the stage.
          - At the end of the stage, pause for another photo. Then go down stairs and follow the Grad Marshal's directions back to your row of seats and take take your place.
          - Once a row is finished, the Grad Marshal will move to the next row which will stand and follow the above instructions.

          All of these is easier than it sounds. Please follow the clues of the Grad Marshals and you will be fine.

          Recognizing academic excellence

          Graduates with the highest level of academic excellence wear gold tassels at the ceremony. At one point in the ceremony, the Rector will announce:

          "There is another group of students who excelled in their studies within their University programs. You will notice that there are bachelor's and master's students wearing gold tassels today. These students have demonstrated outstanding excellence during their studies at UNYP. I would like to ask the students so honored to stand. They deserve a round of applause as well."

          At this point, the graduates with gold tassels should stand while the audience applauds, and then sit down again.

          Ceremony conclusion

          After UNYP's President has made his closing remarks, the Rector will ask all the graduates to stand, and then to move their tassel from the right side to the left side. The Rector will say something like:

          "You can now move your tassels from the right side to the left side of your caps. And you can feel free to toss them as high as you wish in celebration, because you have earned it. Congratulations, Class of 2019!"

          At this point, throw your cap in air. Please try to throw your cap vertically so that it returns to you and you do not injure anybody else.

          After few more words from the Rector, the recessional music (Gaudeamus igitur) will start. The Academics on the stage will exit first, and then the Grad Marshals will direct each row of graduates to join in the march out of the hall.


          The Grad Marshals will lead all graduates to a separate room on the same floor for after ceremony drinks with their fellow students and UNYP's faculty. All guests will be directed to the Small Hall on the ground floor for a drinks reception.

          After the main hall is cleared, the Grad Marshals direct first all bachelor's degree graduates, then master's degree graduates into the hall for group photos. This will take a little time but it is at this point that you will be able to produce your lasting memoir, group photos from your graduation. Please follow the instructions of the Grad Marshals and do not leave the main hall. You will have plenty of time after photographs to spend with your family and guests.

          All rented master's hoods must be returned after the ceremony to the cloak room in the basement.

          • After the Graduation Ceremony

            Photographs and video

            The professional photographer will be at the graduation ceremony to take pictures of you, your fellow students, the faculty, family, and friends.

            You will be notified when you can come and pick up the CD and DVD. Please note that it will take some time to edit these. You should expect them to be ready up to four (4) weeks after the graduation ceremony.