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    Welcome to Student Affairs Office!

    Student Affairs Office  will help you with all the issues related to your stay in the Czech Republic that are non academic. Mainly we offer support in the areas of visa and residence, health insurance, housing, sports, benefits and career.

    Who are we:

    Jitka Kořánková - Student Affairs Director
    Marcela Lufinková - Student Services Coordinator
    Karolína Jeníková - International Office Coordinator

    Where to find us:

    Student Affairs Office is located in the main campus building on the following address:

    Londýnská 32
    120 00 Prague 2

    We are located on the ground floor to the right.

    Office opening hours:

    Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

    How to contact us:

    E-mail: (for visa, housing and insurance issues)

    Tel.: 224 221 281/261

    Stay connected:

    Connect with us on Facebook and stay updated about what is happening at UNYP. Join the UNYP Student & Alumni Services group.

    • Sections overview


      Visa and Residence Issues

      This section is intended for international students. Both those who need a visa in order to stay here as well as EU citizens. EU citizens should take a closer look at duties after arrival to the Czech Republic. The rest of the section is important mainly for visa students.


      Health insurance for International students

      All international students are required to hold some type of health insurance while staying in the Czech republic. In this section you will find detailed information on how to arrange your insurance, what is acceptable and how to find a doctor when you need one.


      If you are in need of accommodation, this is the section for you. There you will find different housing options we recommend, from dormitories to flats. If you are an international student, you will also find information on what steps you need to take if you change your accommodation address.


      Career Services

      This section will provide you with information on new job or internship offers which we regularly post there. You will also find information about the upcoming Career related events, such as workshops, company presentations and Career Days.


      As a UNYP student you are eligible for free access to the local gym and swimming pool on the basis of your UNYP ID card. Check the Sports section to find information on where the sporting facilities are located and what steps to take to get free access. Here you will also find information about UNYP Blazers - the UNYP soccer and basketball team.


      We are very proud of our UNYP Benefit Program which was established to help and support you through your study years by partnering with popular companies, shops, restaurants and cafes to offer you a discount on their products or services based on your valid UNYP ID card. 

      Find out more about the providers and services on the UNYP website.