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  • Writing Resource Lab

    The Writing Resource Lab (WRL) at UNYP starts the first week of the semester and is available to currently enrolled students of the University throughout the fall and spring semesters except for holidays. This is a free academic writing support service, where students can come to request assistance with their written homework assignments across all academic disciplines.

    Students who schedule for the lab will receive at least ten minutes of one-to-one consultation, during which time issues or questions regarding specific written assignments can be discussed. Students should give themselves enough time to carefully revise assignments after a consultation.

    We encourage students to use the services of the WRL to help improve their writing skills and complement their overall academic success.


    Phone: (+420) 224 221 261

    Book an appointment at the WRL at

    It would be especially productive during remote support if you could prepare specific questions (e.g. 'How are my topic sentences?' 'Is this the correct way to cite a video?' etc.) and have an MS Word document of your writing ready to send (if applicable).

  • COVID-19 Remote Support

    See below for details of our operating procedures during COVID-19 restrictions. We are still here to support you via Zoom.

    Please note that the Writing Resource Lab is always online on Tuesdays.

    Remote support

    Please continue to book your appointments as usual.

    When it is time for your appointment, please connect to Zoom using this meeting link:

    It would be especially productive during remote support if you could prepare specific questions (e.g. 'How are my topic sentences?' 'Is this the correct way to cite a video?' etc.) and have an MS Word document of your writing ready to send (if applicable).


    • Location and Hours

      The WRL is located at Belgická 40 on the 4th floor and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must set an appointment at the WRL through our online appointment scheduling system (

       Please note that the Writing Resource Lab is always online on Tuesdays.

      The WRL opening hours for the Spring 2022 semester are:


      Ms. Paula Bargiel

      Ms. Ashley Melucci






      Tuesdays (Online)

















      • Referencing Style Guide

      • Helpful Sites


        APA Style

        Up-to-date guidelines and tutorials on style and referencing.


        This site provides wonderful explanations and exercises related to grammar, vocabulary, word order, types of speech as well as various English tests and an online English dictionary.

        NIU Online Tutorial on Effective Writing Practices: tutorial/punctuation/punctuation01.html
        Covers grammar, punctuation, various ways in which papers are written as well as strategies for clear and effective writing styles. Not only does this site review these concepts and provide examples for clarification, it also offers quizzes so you can check your understanding of these topics.

        Purdue OWL Exercises & Explanations
        Related Exercises:
        The first link provide instructions on various aspects of writing, including grammar, punctuation, forms of writing (academic, correspondence, applications, etc.)

        Towson OWS:
        Excellent site that offers diagrams which help you to see the parts of speech you are focusing on. Not only do you get a lot of examples, but it also provides self-teaching units with exercises and answers. Topics covered by the site includes: parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, proper use of phrases, commonly confused words and information on plagiarism.


        Periods vs. commas:
        Gives good examples of when to use each.

        Subject-Verb Agreement
        Has a lot of examples and quizzes (though you have to drill down for them).
        Has really helpful and clear diagrams highlighting the important things to consider when you are writing sentences. Also has links to exercises which allow you to practice what you are learning and which will grade them once you are finished.


        Activities for ESL Students:
        Allows you to practice/test your grammar and vocabulary. Some quizzes are bi-lingual, so you can practice translating from your language into English and vice versa.

        English Club:
        Offers explanations and examples of various parts of speech as well as grammar quizzes.

        Offers tutorials on various parts of speech as well as practice exercises.

        Wyzant Resources:
        This site offers great explanations of various parts of speech and how they function. Unfortunately, it does not provide a chance to practice what you just learned, but you have many other options on this list which allow you to test your knowledge.

        Dave's ESL Café:
        This site will not help with your academic language, but will help you master English idioms and slang. It also helps explain various phrasal verbs and offers quizzes on a variety of topics.

        Randall's Self-Study Guide:
        This site provides a TON of listing exercises and quizzes to help you improve your listing skills. It even offers a section of listing exercises for academic purposes! It also provides 20-minute ESL vocab lessons.

        TOEFL Practice

        Not only does it offer practice TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and FCE tests, it also gives you opportunities to practice/test your understanding of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

        Allows you to practice the listening, reading and structure components of the TOEFL test.

        Test Prep Review:
        The site allows you to practice for a TON of different tests (ACT, MCAT, SAT, TOEFL, Professional exams, etc.). This link is for the TOEFL page, where you will find study guides, flashcards and practice questions.

        Exam English:
        This site offers practice test for a variety of English tests. It also offers lists of topics and exercises to help you with grammar and vocabulary you need for these tests. One thing that might especially helpful is the list of academic vocabulary (sorted by topic), which might help you write more clearly!

        Graduates Hotline:
        This site just offers a number of TOEFL practice tests.