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  • Housing

    In this section you will find information about different housing options we recommend, from shared housing to private flats. If you are an international student, you will also find information on what steps you need to take if you change your accommodation address.

    Content overview:

    • Accommodation in shared housing
    • Accommodation in private rented flats
    • Important steps to take when changing address

  • Accommodation in shared housing


    Address: Belgická 335/26 or Belgická 275/24, 120 00 Prague 2

    Rooms are situated in large apartments that consist of 2, 3 or 4 separate rooms. Belgicka Apartments is located very close to UNYP, just 4-minute walk.

    Important information:

    ·         Reservation fee: Deposit + 1st month rent

    ·         Minimum booking period: 2 semesters

    ·         More information and pictures:

    Reservation process:

    New students contact: or

    Current students contact:



    Address: Tyršova 1813/3, 120 00 Praha 2

    7 minute walk from UNYP. Accommodation in single or double rooms in a newly renovated residential building close to UNYP as well as to the city center. 

    Important information:

    ·         More information and photos:

    ·         Contact:

    Reservation process:

    For reservations, please contact



    Address: Novodvorská 1061/10, 142 00 Prague 4

    Modern accommodation in single rooms in a renovated building, located in a quiet environment and providing students with all the services necessary for study and relaxation. 30- 35 minutes from UNYP.

    Important information:

    ·         More information and photos:

    ·         Contact:

    Reservation process:

    For reservations, please contact:



    Address: K Botiči 1349/5, 101 00 Prague 10

    Twin rooms in a newly renovated building about 10-15 minutes away from UNYP.

    Important information:

    ·         Contract and housing rules:

    ·         More information and pictures:

    Reservation process:

    Contact and please Cc or


    • Accommodation in flats


      If you are looking for real estate agencies that would help you to find a private flat, please check UNYP's benefit program for real estate agencies contacts and discounts: Benefits program.



      Foreigners will be happy to help with your homesearch in Prague. They will find accommodations for you based on your request with a 10% discount from your commission. Foreigners’ clients gain the VIP status which includes: discounts on other Foreigners services and support with the apartment for one year. Do not hesitate to contact for more information or fill in Rental Requirement Form directly.


      Student Room Flat is specialised in flatshare. You can book your room directly on the website and share a flat with students from everywhere in the world. And as a UNYP students you will benefit a discount of 10% from the reservation fees. 

      * Please note that before you sign a rental agreement, you should ensure that you are making a well-informed decision. Students are responsible for inspecting the premises and negotiating lease terms with the rental agencies or landlords.  UNYP disclaims any responsibility, among other things, for the condition of any premises, terms of any leases, treatment by any landlord, or compliance with any applicable local zoning ordinances.

      • Important steps while changing your address


        If you are a long stay visa / residence permit holder you are required to report a change in the place of residence within 30 working days of this change occurring. This obligation applies if the change in the place of residence is expected to last longer than 180 days.

        A change in the place of residence is submitted to the MOI office based on your address on the relevant application form.

        To report this change, the foreign national provides:

        • proof of accommodation at the new address
        • travel document/identity card
        • his/her residence card
        • reporting changes form

        The change can be reported on behalf of a foreign national by a different person on the basis of a power of attorney. The power of attorney must demonstrate that it was signed for this specific purpose. The signatures on the power of attorney do not have to be notarized. All the administrative proceedings are done on the spot. In case a new identity card is issued, it is necessary that the foreigner present him/herself at the Ministry to collect the residence card.

        If a foreign national is prevented from reporting the change within the legally required period due to reasons outside of his/her control, he/she must report the change within 3 working days of these reasons ending. The foreign national must prove these reasons. If the change is not reported within the legally required period and there is no obstacle that is outside of the foreign national's control, the delay in reporting a change will be judged as a violation and a fine can be imposed. 

        * Please note that there should be no gap between your contracts when you are changing your accommodation.