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  • Housing

    In this section you will find information about different housing options we recommend from dormitories to flats. If you are an international student, you will also find information on what steps you need to take if you change your accommodation address.

    Content overview:

    • Accommodation in dormitories
    • Accommodation in private rented flats
    • Important steps when changing address

  • Accommodation in dormitories


    Belgicka apartments is a newly renovated student residence that provides only the highest quality service. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, furnished bedrooms and brand new bathrooms. The residence is a space where students can interact with each other as well as find a calm and quiet space to study.


    (5 minute walk from the University)

    Building is located in Belgická street, parallel street right next to Londýnská street.


    Location: Price (per person/per month)*:
    Belgická 335/26 and 275/24      Standard double room        7.300 CZK
    120 00 Prague 2 Superior double room         8.900 CZK
    Standard single room          9.900 CZK
    Superior single room         11.400 CZK
    Booking fee (refundable)  18.000 CZK
    *price does not include service charges - 2,000 CZK (services) + 500 CZK (cleaning fee) + 525 CZK VAT (21%)

    Reservation process: new students -
                                          current students -

    Reservation is binding, once you make a reservation and pay an invoice, you agree to all conditions. You can check the conditions here:

    Important information: minimum period of booking - 12 months
                                              notice period - 3 months

    Contract and housing rules

    More information and pictures:



    DC Rezidence  is modern accommodation option in calm area close to red metro line "Kačerov". DC Rezidence is a unique project offering student accommodation in a modern renovated building, located in a quiet environment and providing students with all the services necessary for study and relaxation.


    (up to 20 - 25 minutes from the University)

    Metro "C” I.P.Pavlova → Kačerov (5 stops), switch to bus No. 215, 189 → Nové Dvory (5th stop)

    Night connection: Night bus 510 from the city centre


    Location:                                                      Price (per person/per month): 
    Novodvorská 1061/10Single room                         7.300 CZK
    142 00 Prague 4 Booking fee (refundable)  7.300 CZK

    Reservation process: new students -
                                          current students -

    Important information: minimum period of booking - 3 months
                                              notice period - 1 month

    Contract and housing rules

    More information and pictures



    Botic Student House is accommodation in a newly renovated residence building designed to accommodate 160 students in 92 rooms in total: single, double, double for disabled persons and twin rooms.


    (up to 15 - 25 minutes from the University)

    From "Náměstí Míru"  tram 22  - stop "Čechovo Náměstí" and then bus no. 124 and then your stop is called "Ukrajinská". 

    Night connection: Tram 55 from Wenceslas sq. or from Karlovo sq


    Location:                       Price (per person):
    K Botiči 1349/5 Single room - large        375 CZK/day ~ 11.625 CZK/month 
    101 00 Prague 10 Single room - small       330 CZK/day ~ 10.230 CZK/month
    Double room                 260 CZK/day ~  8.060 CZK/month
    2x double room            250CZK/day  ~  7.936 CZK/month
    Booking fee (refundable)                        1 month rent


    Important information: minimum period of booking - 6 months
                                              notice period - 3 months
                                              penalty for leaving earlier - 2 months rent

    More information and pictures



    Prague Residentia is newly renovated accommodation. Very welcoming place close to the University as well to the city centre. 


    (10 minute walk from the University)

    From UNYP go straight ahead to the end of Londynska street in direction of I.P. Pavlova turn first street left to Rumunská street. Then go straight ahead again. Cross Legerova street and go few meters to left. Then you will stand on the corner of Legerova street and Tyršova street. 


    Location: Price (per person/per month)
    Tyršova 1813/3 Single room                                 12.000 CZK
    120 00 Prague 2                    Double room                               11.000 CZK
    Triple room                                  10.000 CZK
    Quadruple room                           9.000 CZK
    Booking fee (refundable)   1/2 month rent

    Reservation process:

    Important information: minimum period of booking - 4.5 months
                                              notice period - 1 month
                                              penalty for leaving earlier - 1.5 months

    More information and pictures:



    Volha: Due to its appearance, facilities and room equipment the Volha Hall of Residence is closer to hotel accommodation. Accommodation is in one-bed, two-bed and three-bed rooms in units - two rooms share a shower unit and a toilet. Every unit has a fridge. There is a common kitchen on each floor. Rooms are divided into the ones for hotel guests and those for the long-term accommodation (i.e. lasting more than 30 days) for students and others.

    Sázava: Sázava Hall of Residence lies in the centre of the student campus and its activities. Accommodation is in two-bed rooms of a unit type - two rooms share an entrance hall, a kitchen, a shower unit and a toilet. Rooms are primarily meant for long-term accommodation of students or other clients. Exceptionally - mainly in summer months - they are also used to accommodate hotel guests.


    (up to 20 - 25 minutes from the University)

    Go to „I.P.Pavlova" (red metro line) and go to „Chodov"  (red metro line) there you will take bus no. 177 or 193 and go to „Volha" bus station. Both dormitories are around 500 m from the station. 

    Night connection: Bus 511 from I.P.Pavlova





    Location: Price (per person): 
    Chemická 952
    148 00 Prague 4   
    Double room new                       102 CZK/day ~ 3.111 CZK/month
    Double room old (Sazava)           94 CZK/day ~ 2.867 CZK/month
    Separate single room (Sazava) 149 CZK/day ~ 4.545 CZK/month
    K Verneráku 950
    148 00 Prague 4
    Separate double room              117 CZK/day ~ 3.569 CZK/month
    Single room (Volha)                    139 CZK/day ~ 4.240 CZK/month
    Triple room (Volha)                      84 CZK/day ~  2.562 CZK/month
    Booking fee (refundable)                                     3.300 CZK


    The accommodation is available only for current students

    More information and pictures:



    There are 115 above standard rooms, restaurants and a student club in our new modern building in Prague Kunratice. The accommodation for students offer includes twin-, three- and four-bedded apartments. Apart from accommodation our dormitories in Prague Kunratice also provide other services - there are tennis courts, football field, fitness center, sauna and solarium available for students. Those are services that only few dormitories in Prague can offer to their students. The neighborhood also grants various activities to its students - there is the Kunratický forest and Šeberák open air pool not far away. Perfect accessibility of Prague city center thanks to the adjacent metro station and other public transport connection ensures comfortable living.


    (up to 20 - 25 minutes from the University)

    Go to „I.P.Pavlova" (red metro line) and go to „Chodov"  (red metro line) there you will take bus no. 177 or 193 and go to „Volha" bus station. 

    Night connection: Bus 511 from I.P.Pavlova


    Location: Prices (per person)
    Chemická 951 Double room                   249 CZK/day ~  7.445 CZK/month
    1480 00 Prague 4      Triple room                      219 CZK/day ~  6.678 CZK/month
    Quadruple room             229 CZK/day ~ 6.985 CZK/month
    Booking fee (refundable up to 12.000) 13.000 CZK

    Reservation process:

    Important information: minimum period of booking - 6 months
                                              notice period - 4 months
                                              penalty or leaving earlier - half of deposit

    More information and pictures:



    This is newly opened student housing that is located in the district called Holesovice, which is currently experiencing big development. Nevertheless, the accommodation in Zeitraum is not modern, however, it is located in reconstructed building and it offers all basic equipment that is needed for living.


    (up to 20 minutes from the University)

    Go to I.P.Pavlova and take metro "C" to Vltavská station, where you switch to tram 12 or 14 and go three stops to the stop called U Průhonu.

    Night connection: tram 94 or 92 from the downtown or bus 911 from main station.


    Location                                                                      Prices per person/per month                                                                 
    U Průhonu 56
    170 00 Praha 7 
    Private apartment                      16 400 CZK
    Private single room - VIP           10 800 CZK

    Private single room - large          9 800 CZK

    Private single room - standard   9 100 CZK

    Double room                                 8 000 CZK

    Booking fee (refundable)             1 month rent

    Reservation process:

    Important information: minimum period of booking - 1 month
                                              notice period - 1 month
                                              penalty for leaving earlier - 1 month rent

    More information and pictures

    • Accommodation in flats


      Foreigners will be happy to help with you homesearch in Prague. They will find accommodations for you based on your request with a 10% discount from our commission. Foreigners’ clients gain the VIP status which includes: discounts on other Foreigners services and support with the apartment for one year. Do not hesitate to contact for more information or fill in Rental Requirement Form directly.

      • KENTIC

      For UNYP students - 20 % off commission, contact person: Mr. Jakub Kubišta, email address:, phone: +420 721 202 021. Find out more at


      Student Room Flat is specialised in flatshare. You can book your room directly on the website and share a flat with students from everywhere in the world. And as a UNYP students you will benefit a discount of 10% from the reservation fees. 


      For UNYP students - 50 % off commission for the long-term rentals fees (2 semesters minimum), contact person: Mr. Josef Tichý, email address:, phone: +420 774 480 453. Find out more at or


      Lekvi Group specializes in providing long/short term rental and sales of apartments in Prague and offers to all UNYP ID holders 50% discount on commission. Contact Mr. Dmitry


      Rent and sale of apartments in Prague with 50% discount on commission. Contact person: Michal Chetverikov at: Website:  


      Offers affordable accommodation for students in different residences throughout Prague. You can find more information about rooms and residences online:


      Facebook group for all UNYP students and candidates - you can also post your own request. To join the group, visit:  


      Community marketplace for all who is searching for flatmates or offers space for rent. Find out more at

      * Please note that before you sign a rental agreement, you should ensure that you are making a well-informed decision. Students are responsible for inspecting the premises and negotiating lease terms with the rental agencies or landlords.  UNYP disclaims any responsibility, among other things, for the condition of any premises, terms of any leases, treatment by any landlord, or compliance with any applicable local zoning ordinances.

      • Important steps while changing your address


        You are required to report a change in the place of residence within 30 working days of this change occurring. This obligation applies if the change in the place of residence is expected to last longer than 180 days.

        A change in the place of residence is submitted to the MOI office based on your address on the relevant application form.

        To report this change, the foreign national provides:

        • proof of accommodation at the new address
        • travel document/identity card
        • his/her residence card

        If you have a biometric card, a new one will be issued to you after the change. Because of that, after reporting the change, you will have to make another appointment for biometrics and when picking up the residence card, you will need to pay a fee for issuing a new card, which is 1.000 CZK in revenue stamps (buy at the post office).

        The change can be reported on behalf of a foreign national by a different person on the basis of a power of attorney. The power of attorney must demonstrate that it was signed for this specific purpose. The signatures on the power of attorney do not have to be notarized. All the administrative proceedings are done on the spot. In case a new identity card is issued, it is necessary that the foreigner present him/herself at the Ministry to collect the residence card.

        If a foreign national is prevented from reporting the change within the legally required period due to reasons outside of his/her control, he/she must report the change within 3 working days of these reasons ending. The foreign national must prove these reasons. If the change is not reported within the legally required period and there is no obstacle that is outside of the foreign national's control, the delay in reporting a change will be judged as a violation and a fine can be imposed. 

        * Please note that there should be no gap between your contracts when you are changing your accommodation.