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  • Student Council

    Welcome to our Student Council e-learning course! 

    Here you can easily find information about current student clubs, vote for SC candidates when elections are open and take part in university polls.
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    Your Student Council

    • Topic 1


      Elections For fall 2017

      Pick the best candidates for YOU! 

      All the statements from candidates can be found under the candidate's name.

      You can vote for up to 4 candidates, since 4 positions are open. There are x candidates in total, and they are listed alphabetically.

      Read the candidate messages in this topic, then vote with the quiz in the "Vote here" section.

       YOU HAVE ONE ATTEMPT TO VOTE! Therefore it is crucial you read all the candidate messages before opening the voting section. You can only vote one time for one candidate. 

      Voting is in the section below the statements. Open the assignments there and pick your choices. The order in which you vote does not matter!

      You must be enrolled into the Student Council course to vote!

      Thank you for your participation
      Your Student Council

      • Vote Here!

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