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    Mr. Timothy Smetana
    International Development Manager

    Office: Londýnská 32, ground floor 
    Office Hours: By appointment


    • UNYP Erasmus+ Partners






      The Netherlands




      *agreements signed for these majors. Please note that you can still take electives if attending different school than designed for your major. List of offered courses of each school upon request 

      • Erasmus+ financial support (2018-2020)

        As an Erasmus+ student you will receive a financial support from the EU: 

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        510 EUR/month

        • Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Great Britain, Liechtenstein and Norway 

        450 EUR/month

        • Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Malta, Portugal

        350 EUR/month

        • Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Turkey 

        • Step-by-step procedure

          Get some information regarding a particular country, city and school: 


          After applying

          • All application will go through a selection process 

          After being selected

          • You will be nominated to the host school 
          • Fill course selection form (here) - must be approved by your department chair and the ESC office (if applicable); minimum number of credits is: 12 US credits (24 ECTS) per semester
          • Start looking for housing
          • Start applying for visa (if applicable)

          Before you go

          When you get to the host institution

          • Get your Certificate of Arrival (here) signed as soon as you arrive to your host institution
          • 70-100% of your grant will be sent out to your account

          During your stay

          • You must inform us about any changes 


          Before you return

          • Ask for Confirmation of Study
          • Ask for your Transcript of Record

          After you return

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          • Erasmus students' reports database

            Still deciding where to go or you simply need to know more about a particular school, city and so on? 

            Get inspired here. 

            • Application deadlines

              Application deadlines

              Spring 2021: 16 October 2020

              Fall 2021: 28 February 2021

              *Please note that some programs may have earlier deadline requirements. See the Student Exchange Program Coordinator for details.

              What happens after the application has been submitted?

              Students, who have submitted their application by the deadline above, will be notified of the outcome within one week of the deadline.

              Decisions are NOT based on first-come-first-served, but primarily on the suitability of the institution to the student's degree. We ask students to list three universities they would be happy to study abroad at. This is recommended as we have limited places at each partner university. When processing your application we will aim to give you the first university listed, however, depending on demand, we may have allocate you to any of the universities you have listed. Therefore, we ask student to have an equal interest in all of them.

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                All applicants are expected to meet the following requirements:

                • You must be a full-time degree-seeking bachelor student
                • You must have completed at least one-year of study by the time you would travel abroad
                • You must take and complete at least 12 US credits (24 ECTS) while abroad
                • You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.80 or above. (Note -- Some host institutions may place even higher GPA.)
                • You must have no incomplete grades from previous semesters
                • You must have no current or pending probationary status due to academic dishonesty or misconduct
                • You must have no outstanding financial obligations to UNYP
                • You must be considered a good ambassador for UNYP
                • You must meet the requirements of the host institution
                • You must complete and submit the UNYP Erasmus+ Application by the deadline

                During your exchange, you are expected to maintain a full-time enrollment at the host institution and comply with the rules and regulations (academic, codes of conduct, financial) of the host institution.