• UNYP Libary Rules

    1.   Basic information:

    General E-mail: library@unyp.cz
    E-mail for ID card related requests: idcards@unyp.cz
    Address: Londýnská 32, 120 00 Prague 2, ground floor
    Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday      8:30 am - 9:00 pm
    Saturday                   9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Sunday                     11:30 am - 7:00 pm

    Online library catalogue at library.unyp.cz

    2.   Basic Library Rules:
    a)      All readers are obligated to fully respect and follow the library rules.
    b)      For borrowing/lending books, locker keys and other materials you must present your UNYP ID/ISIC card.
    c)      All books, locker keys and other materials must be checked in/out by the librarians.
    d)      All readers are obligated to fully respect the lending period for books, locker keys and other materials.
    e)      Food and open drinks are not allowed in the library.
    f)       The whole library is a quiet space; all sounds on cell phones, laptops or PCs must be turned off or use of headphones is required. No phone calls allowed in the library either.
    g)      All readers are fully responsible for borrowed item/s, book/s or other study material/s; these must be returned in the same condition as they were borrowed.
    h)      All readers are obligated to wait at the library desk when the security gate alarm rings. They will be asked to show their bag/s, in case of refusal, the librarian is obligated to call the police.
    i)        All books, locker keys and other materials must be returned according to their lending period, but no longer than at the end of the semester after the exams.

    3.   Rules for Lending Library Materials:

    a)      Full time students can borrow most circulating books for 3 days, 7 days or for the entire semester. If you are not sure of the lending period, you can ask the librarians.
    b)      Students in weekend programs may borrow books only till the end of the course.
    c)      Faculty may borrow most circulating materials until the end of the semester. Faculty may also borrow some non-circulating (reference) materials; please consult the librarians.
    d)      All students and faculty must present their ID cards in order to borrow materials, so that the librarians may scan it.
    e)      Non-circulating (reference) materials may not leave the library. You are not allowed to borrow them. Such documents are labeled as ONLY FOR STUDY ROOM.
    f)       Lockers may be used for one day (locker keys must be returned the same day)!

    4.   Penalties For Late, Damaged, or Lost Materials:
    The penalties for returning library materials late are:
    • Books 20Kč/day per item
    • Locker key 5Kč/day per item
    • Calculator 50Kč/day per item
    • Phone charger 50Kč/day per item
    • Headphones 50Kč/day per item

    -          If you lose or damage library item/s, you must pay the full price of the item or replace it by identical one.

    -          All penalties are non-refundable.

    -          If you have unpaid penalty on your account, you are not allowed to borrow other book/s or item/s.



    5.   Renewal of Books:

    a)      You have to extend your book loan every 3 or 7 days, depending on the lending period.
    b)      If someone has requested library materials in advance, you may not be able to extend the borrowing period.
    c)      You can extend the borrowed material in the library in person, by phone or by email.
    d)      You must present your ID card when you renew books in person.
    e)      If you fail to renew your library materials when they are due, you will be charged a penalty according to the list of penalties and your account may be stopped.
    f)       Failure to pay library fines may result in a stop being placed on your account (which may mean you cannot borrow library materials, receive official copies of your transcript, register for classes, etc.).



    6.   Library Services for ALUMNI:

     If you want to use the library services after you finish studying at UNYP you have to agree to these rules:

    • You must apply for the ALUMNI card (contact the Alumni Office for more details)
    • You cannot borrow books for home
    • You can use the UNYP Library premises (Library Meeting Rooms, Study Room, PCs, Printers)
    • To work on the library PCs you will receive a single use token for access at the library reception after presenting your UNYP Alumni Card
    • If you do not follow the rules, your library registration will be cancelled. If you do not accept a library warning (three times), UNYP may take legal proceedings against you.


    7.    Other

    Newspapers and Magazines:

    Marketing & Media, The Week, The Economist, Československá psychologie, Taiwan Review, Aspen Review


    Purchasing textbooks:

     You can order books for example from:


    You cannot order books in our library.


    Returning lost book/s

    Lost book/s must be paid in full price at the Accounting office. In case the book which was already paid for is found again, and the student will bring the book back to the library, he or she will be reimbursed, but only within one month after the payment.




    Last update 2021