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      1. Introduction
      2. Policies, Rules, Term
      3. List of Certificate Programs
      4. Procedure
      5. Documents
      • 1. Introduction

        Various certificate programs are offered within the UNYP degree program offerings.

        Such programs include (in the alphabetical order): English Literature, European Union Studies, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Politics, IT Management, Management, Marketing, Media Studies, and Psychology.

        • 2. Policies, Rules, Terms

          Students cannot take a certificate in his/her existing area of study/major.

          All certificates are 18 credits (36 ECTS), at least half of which students must take outside their required study program courses, during their Bachelor's degree program (i.e., before graduating).

          Students must maintain a grade level of C- or better for courses to count towards the specific certificate program.

          No transfer credits can count towards a certificate program.

          Certificates are awarded by UNYP (separate from the diploma) upon completion of all program requirements. Students in the American SUNY Bachelor's degree program would be required to take 137 credits (128 credits for the degree requirements and 9 credits beyond). Students in the European Bachelor's degree program would be required to take 198 ECTS (180 ECTS for the degree requirements and 18 ECTS beyond).

          Students in the American SUNY Bachelor's program who are interested in a certificate program are encouraged to apply no later than the second year of their studies. Students in the European Bachelor's degree program who are interested in a certificate program are strongly advised to apply in their first year of their studies.

          Standard credit tuition cost applies without any additional cost. Students in the 3-year (European) Bachelor's degree program taking SUNY/ESC courses* within the chosen certificate program will complete these courses in an independent study format.

          • 3. List of Certificate Programs

            Courses in italics are recommended courses students are encouraged to complete before they register into a course.
            Courses with an asterisk (*) symbol are SUNY/ESC courses.

            School of Business

            Certificate in Management

            · Principles of Management

            · Human Resource Management (Principles of Management)

            · Information Management (Computers and Applications)

            · Project Management (Principles of Management)

            · International Business (Macroeconomics)

            · Business Policy and Strategic Management* (Principles of Management)

            Certificate in Marketing

            · Principles of Marketing (Microeconomics)

            · Advanced Marketing (Principles of Management and Marketing

              or Consumer Behavior (Principles of Marketing)

            · E-Commerce and Marketing Technologies (Principles of Marketing)

            · Introduction to Advertising 

            · International Marketing Strategies (Principles of Management and Marketing)

            · Public Relations Principles 

            Certificate in Finance

            · Financial Accounting (College Algebra)

            · Managerial Accounting (Financial Accounting)

            · Corporate Finance  (Managerial Accounting)

            · Risk Management (Corporate Finance)

            · Taxation (Macroeconomics

            · Hedge Funds and Private Equity (Financial Accounting, Statistics I)

            Certificate in IT

            · Information Management (Computers and Applications)

            · Web Design

            · Knowledge Management (Information Management)

            · Network Administration (Information Management)

            · System Administration (Network Administration)

            · Computer Programming: Python (Algorithms)

            Certificate in Human Resource Management

            · General Psychology

            · Human Resource Management (Principles of Management)

            · Motivation and Emotion (General Psychology

              or Workforce Motivation (Principles of Management)

            · Personnel and Work Psychology (General Psychology

            · Organizational Behavior (Principles of Management)

            · Interpersonal Communication

            School of Communication and Media

            Certificate in Media Studies

            · Media and Society

            · Media History (Media and Society)

            · Introduction to Advertising (Media and Society)

            · Introduction to Media Writing (Media and Society)

            · Public Relations Principles (Media and Society)

            · Global Communication (Media and Society)

            School of International Relations

            Certificate in European Union Studies

            · Modern Europe

            · European Integration

            · International Organizations 

            · Economic Policies of the EU (European Integration)

            · External Relations of the EU (European Integration)

            · Specialized Course on EU Affairs

            Certificate in International Politics

            · Theories of International Relations

            · International Organizations 

            · Social and Economic Context of Globalization

            · International Conflict and Security  

            · Regional Area Studies: Central Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.

            · History of International Systems

            School of Psychology

            Certificate in Psychology

            · General Psychology

            · Developmental Psychology: Psychology of Infancy and Childhood or Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood (General Psychology)

            · Psychology of Adjustment (General Psychology)

            · Cognition or Educational Psychology (General Psychology)

            · Social Psychology (General Psychology)

            · Specialized Course in Psychology (General Psychology)

            Certificate in English Literature

            · Introduction to Literature

            · Short Story or The Novel  (Introduction to Literature)

            · Analysis and Interpretation of Literature (Introduction to Literature)

            · Literature & Politics (Introduction to Literature) or Trauma Narratives and 1-credit literature seminar 

            · Shakespearean, British or American Literature (Introduction to Literature)

            · Special Topics in English Literature (Introduction to Literature)

          • 4. Procedure

            Step 1: Student discusses his/her interest in the certificate program with his/her Academic Advisor.

            Step 2: Student meets with the Dean of School responsible for the specific certificate program in order to complete the registration.

            Step 3: Student submits the registration form available on e-Learning (Section #5: Documents) to the Office of Academic Affairs (located in the Londýnská 41 building, 4th floor).

            Step 4: The courses for the specific certificate program are discussed and approved by the student's Academic Advisor and the Dean of School responsible for the certificate program. (Note -- The courses can be changed based on the current course offer with the approval of the Dean of School responsible for the certificate programs.)

            Step 5: Student completes 18 credits (36 ECTS) required for the specific program during his/her Bachelor's degree program (i.e., before graduating).

            Step 6: The certificate is issued upon completion of all program requirements.