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    Mr. Timothy Smetana
    International Development Manager

    Office: Londýnská 32, ground floor 
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      1. Going Abroad Guide (Before, While Abroad, After)
      2. List of Exchange Partners
      3. Eligibility Requirements
      4. How to Apply
      5. Documents
      6. Transfer Credit
      7. Short-term Programs
      • 1. Going Abroad Guide (Before, While Abroad, After)



        1.      Look at the list of universities

        2.      Consider your priorities

        3.      Meet with the Student Exchange Program Coordinator

        4.      Determinate your eligibility

        5.      Meet with you academic advisor

        6.      Apply (5. Documents)

        7.      Start application process with the host institution

        8.      Submit the Course Selection Form (5. Documents)


        After your application for exchange has been considered and the nomination accepted by host institution…

        While abroad:

        9.     Attend the New Student Orientation at your host university

        10.   Let your home advisor know if there is a change in your schedule 

        11.   Don't forget to preregister for upcoming semester at UNYP

        12.   Before you leave from abroad, request your transcript 


        13.   Complete the Exchange Program Report (5. Documents)

        14.   Submit Photos

        15.   Become an Exchange Student Ambassador

        • 3. Eligibility requirements

          All applicants are expected to meet the following requirements:

          • You must be a full-time degree-seeking bachelor student.

          • You must have completed 45 US credits (4-year bachelor students) or 75 ECTS credits (3-year bachelor students) prior commencing your first semester on exchange.

          • You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.80 or above. (Note -- Some host institutions may place even higher GPA.)

          • You must have no incomplete grades from previous semesters.

          • You must have no current or pending probationary status due to academic dishonesty or misconduct.

          • You must have no outstanding financial obligations to UNYP.

          • You must be considered a good ambassador for UNYP.

          • You must meet the requirements of the host institution.

          • You must complete and submit the UNYP Student Exchange Program Application by the deadline.

          During your exchange, you are expected to maintain a full-time enrollment at the host institution and comply with the rules and regulations (academic, codes of conduct, financial) of the host institution.

          • 4. How to Apply

            Before starting your application, make sure that:

            • You fulfill the eligibility requirements
            • You meet with the Student Exchange Program Coordinator

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            To apply for an exchange placement, you must hand in the following documents:

            1. UNYP Student Exchange Program Application

            The application form is available in the "Documents" section below. The form is .word document, so you can complete it electronically, print it out and sign it. Half completed forms will not be considered.

            2. Statement of purpose

            A 300 word statement about why you want to go on exchange. Think of the statement as a written interview. Tell us why UNYP should choose you over other applicants. You should outline:

            • Where you want to go (first preference institution)
            • Why you want to go there (academic reasons, personal interest, career prospects, etc.)
            • How will this program benefit you (personally, academically, and/or for your career pursuits)
            • Any relevant experience(s) you have had

            Submit the completed and signed application along with the statement of purpose to Marketa Salamankova, Student Exchange Program Coordinator. Be sure to pay attention to the application deadlines. Note: Only completed applications will be accepted.

            Application deadlines

            Fall Semester: March 13

            *Please note that some programs may have earlier deadline requirements. See the Student Exchange Program Coordinator for details.

            What happens after the application has been submitted?

            Students, who have submitted their application by the deadline above, will be notified of the outcome within one week of the deadline.

            Decisions are NOT based on first-come-first-served, but primarily on the suitability of the institution to the student's degree. We ask students to list three universities they would be happy to study abroad at. This is recommended as we have limited places at each partner university. When processing your application we will aim to give you the first university listed, however, depending on demand, we may have allocate you to any of the universities you have listed. Therefore, we ask student to have an equal interest in all of them.

            • 6. Transfer Credit

              Credits from the exchange partner university will be evaluated and granted on a course equivalency basis only upon receipt of an official transcript.

              To transfer credit from UNYP's exchange partners, students need to request two (2) official transcripts in a sealed (unopened) university envelope to be mailed to:  (see mailing addresses below).

              Mailing address:

              University of New York in Prague
              Attn.: Timothy Smetana
              Londýnská 32
              120 00 Prague 2 - Vinohrady
              Czech Republic

              SUNY Empire State College
              Attn: Assessment Office
              International Education
              1 Union Ave.
              Saratoga Springs
              NY 12866 USA

              * if you are 4 year SUNY ESC student