E-learning (Moodle) Version Upgrade

E-learning (Moodle) Version Upgrade

by UNYP IT Dpt. -
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Dear students and faculty,

This is to announce a major Elearning (Moodle) version upgrade that will take place on December 21-22. On these two days, the portal may be completely unavailable. We will do our best to facilitate the transition for you:

  1. Dec 22 - Right after the successful upgrade, we will announce this via email and include a log of important changes and new features together with offered training sessions.
  2. Dec 22 - Jan 8 – We will gradually update all online guides.
  3. Jan 4-29 – We will conduct a series of online “Moodle Upgrade Transition Training” sessions for faculty and we will release a video for students.

Kind regards,  


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