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2020, March 3 - announcement from Registrar

2020, March 3 - announcement from Registrar

by UNYP Rector's Office -
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From: Registrar 

Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 10:50 AM 

Subject: Coronavirus (COVID-19) update March 3, 2020

 Dear students, We would like to ensure you that UNYP is closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and we are following all the directives and recommendations received from the relevant Czech authorities. Currently, 5 cases of coronavirus disease have been confirmed in the Czech Republic and we hope that the numbers will remain very low and with minimal impact as is the case now.

UNYP has taken sanitary precautions distributing hand sanitizers and having all facilities disinfected at least twice a day. In the meantime classes are running as usual until further notice.

However, we would like to ask everyone to reconsider travelling to areas where there is high risk of transmission, and if you have returned from such an area, please email or phone the Rectors Office For our non Czech speakers, we have just received information from Hygienická stanice (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that UNYP should send them contact information of people returning from the given areas. Hygienická stanice will then contact you and provide you with relevant health instructions. (This is something we have arranged so that our non Czech speaking students can avoid lengthy waiting times currently experienced on some of the lines or avoid having the chance of reaching a non English speaker after the end of the waiting time.)

Czech or Slovak speakers who have returned from the relevant areas can call directly the following numbers of Hygienická stanice (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) at +420 773 782 856 and +420 773 782 850 or the infoline of Státní zdravotní ústav (State Health Institute) +420 724 810 106 and +420 725 191 367.

You can find the list of countries with confirmed cases here or

We will keep you posted as the situation develops. 

Best regards,

 Rector’s Office Team