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2020, December 1, New crisis measures from December 3

2020, December 1, New crisis measures from December 3

by UNYP Rector's Office -
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By the Resolution of the Government from November 30


From December 3

are allowed:

collective events, unless otherwise specified, held in the number of up to 10 people in the interior of buildings or 50 people in the exterior


in restricted mode, the following will be opened:

- sports grounds

- wellness, swimming pools and fitness centers

- catering services - restaurants etc.

- shopping centers and shops

- services - hairdressers etc.

- zoo and botanical gardens

- museums, galleries, castles and similar historical and cultural objects

- libraries (but no change to University Libraries until December 7). Please follow this link for information about UNYP Library

- the right to assemble peacefully: a maximum of 100 participants, in groups of up to 20 participants and maintaining a spacing of at least 2 meters between groups of participants. Each participant is required to have respiratory protection (nose, mouth)