Important points for Spring Semester

Important points for Spring Semester

by UNYP Rector's Office -
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Dear Students, 

The Spring semester is starting on February 1 and we would like to recap the most important information you need for a successful start: 

  1. Please check your schedule on e-gnomon (either preliminary form if you are not fully registered, or registration form if you are fully registered = you can see your Spring courses in e-Learning). 

  1. Classes will run online until further notice. Should the authorities and the health situation allow to run classes on campus, students that are not physically able to attend classes or would simply prefer not to do so can continue their classes at a distance (classes will have cameras and classes will also be recorded). If you are taking ESC courses, please follow ESC instructions and contact the ESC office at with any questions you may have. 

  1. Although synchronous attendance of ZOOM sessions is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that students attend live ZOOM classes as much as possible. In order to maintain and promote a participatory, collaborative environment of the highest order, cameras must remain on during class sessions, unless the student has major internet connection problems, or the instructor says otherwise. If you feel uncomfortable showing your environment, ZOOM has a virtual background function that can be used. Virtual backgrounds should not be used when students are taking a test/quiz, etc., in such cases students must again follow the instructor’s instructions and if technical difficulties should arise, the student must inform the instructor immediately. 

  1. Throughout the semester all classes will be recorded and made available to students. Faculty will be uploading on e-learning the link to the zoom cloud where the recording has been saved. The file will be available to you for at least 7 days after each class has taken place before being deleted.   

It is NOT allowed to reproduce, distribute or display (post/upload) lectures, lecture notes or recordings or course materials in any way for personal or commercial use.  You also cannot allow others to do so. The online  lectures/study materials are only for educational and study purposes and any other use, as described above, is prohibited, and is contrary to law as set forth below. Any actions not respecting the above restrictions may be subject to student conduct proceedings, according to copyright Act nr. 121/2000 and also Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data etc., with all legal (disciplinary, civil and penal) consequences. 

  1. Useful online/hybrid class tips can be found on e-Learning 

  1. All COVID related information is available on e-Learning. 

  1. As a final reminder, please contact the Registrar Office to update your details, especially if you have changed your address or mobile phone number. Given the ongoing and developing situation, it is very important that we are able to reach you individually if needed or to reach out to you via our mass SMS alert system. 

 We wish you much success in the Spring 2021 Semester.  

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