REMINDER: ISIC Validity & Library Books

REMINDER: ISIC Validity & Library Books

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Is your ISIC valid for 2022? Do you still have some books from the UNYP Library? 

The UNYP Library will be closed from December 20th, so you have last two weeks to visit us before 2022! More info on opening hours here.

ISIC Card Validity:

Check the round holographic sticker on your card. Only card with 9/2022 round holographic sticker is valid. If your round holographic sticker says anything else, you need to revalidate the card ASAP!

Library Books:

Do you have any? Return them before December 20th! Some books might be kept during Christmas break, if you are unsure about your books, send us an email to

Thank you!
Your UNYP Library Team

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