Help Ukraine!

Help Ukraine!

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Dear UNYP community, 

UNYP Student Council is organizing an official donation of necessities to «Cizinec není otrok», volunteers sending trucks to the Ukrainian border, starting from Monday 28.02

Here you can find the list of items that Ukrainian hospitals and citizens need: 
1. Groundsheets
2. Sleeping bags
3. Thermal wear
4. Backpacks
5. Women’s hygiene products: tampons, pads, warm clothes and blankets
6. For kids: diapers and items for changing diapers, baby food (milk and special products, meat-vegetable complementary food)
7. Food products (high-calories, long shelf life/expiration date):
Food Cans, coffee, tea, sugar, pastry, pasta, cereals, grease, spices, water, oil, honey, onion, garlic, dried fruits (dates, dried apricots, hazelnuts), vegetables, fruits, evaporated milk, chocolate, bonbons
8. Hygienic products: toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, towels, shaving machines, shampoo, soap

WHEN: From 8:30 - 21:00 Monday and Tuesday  
Find out more about the Cizinec není otrok organization:

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