Faculty Elections

Faculty Elections

by Diamanto Tunay -
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Dear faculty members,

As every year in January or February we will open an electoral period to choose the faculty representatives that will be representing you in the Academic Board.

Faculty members can elect a maximum of four representatives. The mandate of the representatives lasts for two years and every year elections take place to renew two of the positions.

Currently, your faculty representative is: Juwana Jenkins. She will be serving as representative one more academic year, and two more positions are open to serve in the next two years..

We are initiating the electoral process submitting the list of electors.

All active UNYP instructors are entitled to vote. Please, check that in the list attached your name appears and if you are missing, and if you find your name missing, please, indicate it to the rectors office as soon as possible to include you in the list (

On the 28th of January (Thursday) the phase of nomination of candidates will begin. In order to be a candidate, faculty members must have been teaching at UNYP for least two semesters and must be expected to continue being UNYP instructors incoming semesters. The process requires the completion and return of a form (they will be available in reception and the faculty room) to the Rector's office in which the candidate is formally states their desire to run as a candidate in the elections. Every  candidate must obtain the signature of two UNYP faculty members (other than his/her own) that support his/her candidacy. Faculty members can endorse more than one candidate.

The 10th of February at 18:00 (Wednesday) is the deadline to present candidacies. At that time, viable candidates will be proclaimed.

In case that the number of candidates is two or less, the candidates will become automatically faculty representatives. In that the number of candidates exceeded the number of positions to be filled, then the phase of voting would begin.

If the voting phase is needed, elections would take place from the 11th of February (Thursday) until the 22nd of February (Monday) at 18:00. Instructors will collect their ballots at reception and deposit their votes in the election box in reception too. Each faculty member can vote up to two of the candidates in the ballot paper, marking them with an X. Selecting more than two candidates would make the ballot void.

On Monday 22nd at 18:00 the votes will be counted. Candidates can be present in the scrutiny of votes. The two most voted candidates will be become political representatives. In case of a tie, the procedure of "random vote” will be used to determine the faculty representative (taking votes at random until one of the names of the candidates in the draw does not appear). The elected candidates begin to serve as members of the Academic Board immediately and will serve as representatives for a period of two years.

If you have any doubts please, do not hesitate to contact the chair of department delegated by the rector to be the person responsible of the organization of the elections, Oscar Hidalgo-Redondo (

Thank you very much.

Óscar Hidalgo-Redondo, MPhil

Chair of the Department of International and Economic Relations

University of New York in Prague

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

Londynska 41
12000 Prague 2, Czech Republic
Tel +420 224 221 261 / 281
Fax +420 224 221 247

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