!!! UNYP SPRING CAREER WEEK (03.04-06.04) !!!

!!! UNYP SPRING CAREER WEEK (03.04-06.04) !!!

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Dear students,

next week you will have a unique opportunity to prepare yourself for career start, to improve your skills, to learn new things, to get to know headhunters and representatives of the companies right in UNYP!

Get ready for amazing experience!!!

1. Prepare your CV. Amazon is preparing this workshop for you in order to give your CV on Career Fair and use it further (03.04, 17.00-18.00)  

2. Prepare your social media for companies. Nowadays, all the companies are paying a lot of attention to your representation on social media (LinkedIn, FB, etc.). Exactly for this Goodcall prepared for your workshop about what you can/cannot have in your social media(03.04, 12.00-13.00)

3. Prepare yourself for the interview. There are so many things which you should and should not say at the interview. Grafton Recruitment prepared for you best hints how to pass an interview(5.4, 12.00-13.00)

4. Working in the Czech Republic. Being foreigner in the Czech Republic brings additional things you need to know, and employment is a part of it as well. Integration Center Prague prepared for you summary of employment rules in the Czech Republic(5.4, 14.00-15.30)

5. Career developmentCan success be planned? Which career path is right for me? How to design success at work? How to start building a solid career path? Prague Training Academy prepared for you an interactive workshop, which can help you to understand yourself better(6.4, 14.00-15.00)

6. Job in marketing. Finding a job in marketing is no easy task. With the vast fragmentation of consumer marketing, graduates need to know how to handle traditional, digital and manage data for optimal performance. Passion Communications prepared for you an amazing workshop with highlights how to succeed (3.4, 14.00-15.00)

7. Job in sales. Since everything in the modern world is a tradable commodity, sales is world's biggest driving force. Sales skills are required in every position you as prospects want to apply for. TBM prepared for you 10 crucial steps of the sales process(4.4, 14.00-15.00)

8. Trainer/teacher skills. In this workshop, you will learn which skills you should have in order to captivate your audience, keep them motivated and pass on the desired knowledge. James Cook Languages will help you to raise your competence as future managers, teachers, team leaders or trainers (4.4, 17.00-18.00)

9.Getting alone with your colleagues. Practical workshop that can help you to improve communication and relationships at work (and also in personal life). International trainer Bara Rodi prepared this interactive workshop, and all the tips can be applied immediately into your work life and personal life!(4.4, 12.00-13.30)

10. International volunteering.Want to try something new? New country? New people? New things to do? New way to spend your holidays? Or even internship abroad? Then workshop on international volunteering from INEX is for you!(3.4, 16.00-17.00)

11. Network with headhunters.The best way to get a job/internship is to meet a person face-to-face, to learn about working conditions in the company, to find out about career opportunities. Do not miss a chance to meet 24 International and Czech companies, who are thrilled to have you in their team! (5.4-6.4, 10.00-16.00)

You can find detailed program in the attachment!

See you there!

Career Week organization team

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