Festival of Asian Culture (21.07-22.07)

Festival of Asian Culture (21.07-22.07)

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Eastern Tunes 2017
Sounds of Real Asia

Great festival of Music, Culture and Food

22.7. from 12 a.m. in Mikulášovice

Puppet theater and Asian games for children

Dunjingarav (Mongolian traditional, CZ)
Dong Gran (Korean traditional, Korea)
Golok Gyaltsen (Tibetan popular, Eastern Tibet)
Tschiltan (Central Asian traditional, D)
Shota Tsubasa (intelligent indie-rock, Japanese songs, Tashkent)
Tupratikon-S (Punk rock, Uzbekistan)

Experience also:
Mongolian food, beer from Cvikov, tea house, vegetarian food, grilled chicken

Additional program:
21.7. from 18 p.m.
Movie screening with discussion

Organiser: Thonmi z.s. 
Sponsors and festival partners:
Oriental Institute ASCR, Potala o.p.s., Mikulášovice, Nobilis Tilia
More information and directions at:

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