Prague Writers' Festival 2017

Prague Writers' Festival 2017

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The Fire Next Time I American authors

Sometimes the joints don’t work — sometimes they don’t rock
— but this time it’s pure fire.
We enter the age of the illogicality of logic — populism as a form
of imitation — walking backwards toward disintegration,
segregation, the sirens of wall-to-wall nationalism.
For starters the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution.
The velocity of alternate facts—the collapse of political parties
— present democracies divided into zones of comfort and fear.
The buck stops with the Festival.
Our authors walk the dog of history — predict future conflicts
— energizing a living culture for a great, young audience.
To prepare for the future—we must know the past.
In James Baldwin’s words: “The past makes the present coherent.”

The Fire Next Time.

124 words

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