How to Write a Thesis with Dr. Harold Neal

How to Write a Thesis with Dr. Harold Neal

by Lenka Brabcova -
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Sessions are suitable for anyone who wants to write a thesis! Come to any of the sessions below.

 Dates:   Wednesday, October 24th, 16:00-18:00, classroom 201

               Thursday, October 25th ,    16:00-18:00, classroom 204

                Saturday, November 3rd ,  09:00-11:00, classroom 202

 Topics to be discussed:

  • What a thesis actually is and its purpose within our curriculum
  • How to select a topic
  • How to reduce a topic to a research question(s)
  • How to organize and focus research efforts
  • How to conduct primary research; which are good tools and which are not?
  • How to select research methodology(s)
  • How to analyze results and form conclusions
  • How to use the APA citation/referencing protocols

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