Invitation to a lecture (Tuesday, September 17, 15:00, room 001)

Invitation to a lecture (Tuesday, September 17, 15:00, room 001)

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Dear Students and Faculty Members,

We are pleased to invite you to attend the lecture of Dr. Roxana Toma (SUNY, Empire state College) titled "Independence and Interdependence in The Middle East: From Secretarian Division do Communitocracy".

Roxana Toma (Ph.D., North Carolina State University) is Associate Professor of Policy Studies in the School for Graduate Studies at SUNY Empire State College, USA. Dr. Toma has a B.S. in Economics, a Ph.D. in Public Administration and takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine corruption and social capital models of attitude and value formation. Her doctoral research on corruption earned her the Graduate School Dissertation Award at North Carolina State University (2009) and she is recipient of the Susan H. Turben Award for Excellence in Scholarship at SUNY Empire State College (2015). Dr. Toma has published in multiple venues such as Sociology Compass, Military Psychology, International Journal of Social Science & Human Behavior Study and The International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science and is co-editor/co-author of Confronting Corruption in Business: Trusted Leadership, Civic Engagement (Routledge, 2016). Her work continues to focus on corruption and she is looking to expand it to include students and faculty research collaborators from Europe and the Middle East.

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