COVID 19 - New Measures

COVID 19 - New Measures

by UNYP Rector's Office -
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Dear UNYP Community,

As a result of the decision by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on 10 March, 2020, students will not be allowed to be present on University premises, including the University of New York in Prague, from 11 March, 2020, until at least 29 March, when the situation will be reassessed. This is a precautionary effort to stem the possibility of COVID-19 transmission in public places.

The University of New York in Prague and our partners have been intensively preparing for this possibility for some time now, and are fully prepared to adapt to online learning with only minor disruptions to courses, and to conduct school business as usual from home.

The following adaptations will take place immediately:

* attendance in all classes on 10 March 2020 from 15:00 will not be compulsory for students who do not wish to attend. Classes will take place, but attendance will not be recorded, or count in terms of grades.

* classes at UNYP from 11-13 March, 2020, are cancelled, unless the class has otherwise been arranged to take place online.

* all classes in the daily bachelor’s program continue ONLINE from Monday 16 March, 2020. All faculty have been informed and offered training and support for the eventuality of conducting classes in the course e-learning system. Students should check their course e-learning page from Monday morning for information about how the course will proceed.

Students and faculty are asked to follow the following procedures:

* it is imperative that students and faculty are regularly checking their official UNYP email account for information and instructions about online courses, and updates about the situation.

* be sure that your mobile telephone number is updated with the Registrar’s office so that UNYP can easily contact you by sms updates.

* in the event of any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact by email the relevant school office, or instructor. School affairs will carry on as usual, all employees are equipped to work from home, and are ready to assist you and make sure that your needs are met as best they can.

* follow the UNYP webpage for information about the recommencement of presence-based classes.

We appreciate your attention and understanding, and willingness to adapt with us to the challenges presented to us at this time.


Rector's Office

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