Urgent: Travel Advisory for International Students

Urgent: Travel Advisory for International Students

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Dear students,

According to an official announcement of the Czech government related to the state of emergency as declared yesterday, all foreign nationals who have temporary/long term residence permit or long-stay visa over 90 days, similarly as all the Czech citizens, will not be able to leave the territory of the Czech Republic after the midnight on Sunday, March 15 (or Monday, March 16, 0:00 AM).

Please take the unexpectedly strict regulations into consideration if you planned to leave the country in the near future. Also, please note that you would be able to leave the CR only with a valid long-stay visa or residence permit, or having a bridge visa in the event that your application for residence permit extension has been currently pending. If you leave the CR, you would not be able to return during the state of emergency.

The latest restrictions with all the important changes can also be followed on the Interior Ministry’s website that has been regularly updated

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Best Regards, 

International Students Office

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