Update: Travel Advisory for International Students

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Update: Travel Advisory for International Students
by Student Affairs - Saturday, 14 March 2020, 4:39 PM

Dear students,

Currently, there is an exemption for all students who do not plan to return to the Czech Republic during the state of emergency declared for 30 days. You should be allowed to leave the CR after March 16, 0:00 am provided that it will technically (transportation etc.) be possible to depart. The exemption applies to all the students with a long-stay visa, long-term residence permit or temporary residency in CR. As already mentioned, if you leave, you will not be allowed to come back to CR as long as the state of emergency has been in force.

he official resources for following all the updates are the websites of the Ministry of Interior:

and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


You should have your long-stay visa or residence permit valid/extended, or you need to arrange a bridge visa if you decide to travel. The Interior Ministry offices will keep working under new arrangements that can be checked on the Ministry’s  website under: !!! IMPORTANT !!! - Information about change of operation of MOI offices due to the state of emergency .


The UNYP International Office keeps answering all the emails at and there is also a phone number 724 101 207 for emergencies.

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