E-learning unavailable druing upgrade 1st - 3rd February

E-learning unavailable druing upgrade 1st - 3rd February

by UNYP IT Dpt. -
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Dear all,

From 1st Feb to 3rd Feb the UNYP E-learning system will not be available due to the overall upgrade to the new version.

What changes for teachers/students:

  1. You login with your UNYP Windows (computer) username and password. Please make sure you have this OK before the new semester starts. In case of problems, please contact
  2. Almost nothing else if you use only basic functions (as 99% of UNYP teachers/students do). The user interface looks slightly different, but all standard things are preserved and working almost identically.
  3. In future you will be able to use new functions that will prove to be worth it as we will gradually propagate them.

Thank you for cooperation and patience with this important change,

IT dpt.
University of New York in Prague

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