Join us for UNYP Wellness Webinar on April 16th, at 19:00

Join us for UNYP Wellness Webinar on April 16th, at 19:00

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The School of Psychology at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) will host a series of webinars dedicated to psychological health and wellness.

If you would like to join us for this virtual event, please save the date and enter the webinar by following this link:

Everyone is welcome. No registration required. 

 Mgr. Justine Piontek- Understanding our Emotions

Justine Piontek is a graduate of the Psychology Master’s program at UNYP. She currently works as the undergraduate academic advisor and the Master’s program coordinator for the UNYP School of Psychology, as well as, being a counseling psychologist for the UNYP Counseling Center. She will be attending the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at the University of Memphis in August 2020. Her professional interests are trauma-focused therapies, positive psychology and the psychology of religion.

During these uncertain times, we may experience a wide range of emotions each day. In the wellness webinar on April 16th, we will explore why these emotions may be present for you and learn ways to work with them to help you through the coming days.

Thursdays, 7pm-8.30pm CET
Upcoming Zoom webinars

Week 2: April 23- Grieving the Experience (Dr. Michelle Forte)

Week 3: April 30- Finding Compassion and Resilience (Brigitte Gbilimou)

Week 4: May 7- Breaking the Cycle of Negative Eating Patterns (Kirsty Britz)

Week 5: May 14- Looking to the Future (Anney Roy)

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