UNYP switched to new Wi-Fi network

UNYP switched to new Wi-Fi network

by David Novák -
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What's new

On 19th September 2013 UNYP switched to new Wi-Fi system with following main features:

  • Log in integrated with computer network and e-learning (use your UNYP computer credentials).
  • Just one unified network in all UNYP buildings and on all floors for each group of users.
  • Smooth handover of the connected client device (smartphone, laptop …) between access points. I.e. no need to repeatedly connect to different access points when moving through building. (Note: This feature is strongly dependent on the client device drivers etc. and cannot be guaranteed to work on all devices).
  • Better signal coverage and connection speeds ensured by high density of APs and load balancing functions.

How to connect

For load balancing and prioritizing purposes there are separate networks for certain user groups:

  • “UNYP-Staff” is high priority network dedicated only to core UNYP administration staff and uses WPA2-mix security encryption with Pre Shared Key (PSK) that you have to know to connect.
  • “UNYP” is unified network used by teachers, students and visitors.

Process of connecting:

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the desired network (“UNYP” is free to connect while “UNYP-Staff” requires key).
  2. 2.       Open any web browser.
  3. If the login page does not load automatically, try to load any webpage (e.g. or even go to this web address manually typing
  4. 4.       (If you get warning about security certificate, proceed to the page anyway).
  5. On the login page, enter your login credentials that you use for UNYP computers and e-learning. (Eg. “xspecerd” and “easypassword1”) .
  6. A page confirming successful login should appear. It is possible to log out in the bottom right hand corner of that page or adjust time out limits.


We would like to ask all users to follow these rules to ensure best possible experience for all users even during peak hours. Users who break these rules will be denied access to the UNYP Wi-Fi network.

  1. Torrents and other ways of downloading large data for non UNYP academic related purposes (sp. movies, music etc.) are strictly forbidden.
  2. Generally any activity potentially overloading the network is forbidden. If you need to perform such activity in relation to classes or academic purposes, please consult it with IT Department first.
  3. Connecting a device infected by malicious software may lead to complete denial of access for that user. Everyone is responsible for his own device and it’s security.

IT Department, University of New York in Prague

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