Books & Magazines

The UNYP Library has around 13.000 books, and more than 5.000 titles. They are located in the shelfs according to a field/topic, and sorted alphabetically by the surname of the author. The layout of the library sections can be found on the side of each bookshelf for a better orientation.

  • All books can be potentially prolonged via email, phone or in person
  • You can check the availability of the books in the UNYP Library Catalogue

UNYP Library has 4 types of books:

For a semester

    • Freely available in the shelves
    • Can be borrowed for home
Short term
    • For a week or for 3 days, (you will learn this information from the librarian or from a label on the book)
    • Freely available in the shelves
    • Can be borrowed for home
Only for study room
    • Can't be borrowed for home - you can study these books in the library, and make copies/scans
    • Freely available in the shelves - marked with a pink dot on the spine and labeled
Teacher's books
    • Located behind the Librarians
    • Available to borrow for home, but only for the Faculty
    • If no Faculty takes the book, it is available in the library in the same regimen as the "Only for study room" books

All books must be returned according to their lending period, and no later than before the summer inventory!

Magazines are located at the 1st floor of the UNYP Library above the stairs, and available only for study room.

  • Marketing & Media
  • The Week
  • The Economist
  • Psychologie Dnes
  • Taiwan Review
  • Aspen Review

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