2021, February 16 - Extended State of Emergency and Adequate Respiratory Protection

Dear UNYP Community,

The Government of the Czech Republic has extended the State of Emergency until the end of February. Most of the measures that were in place till February 14 apply till February 28.

As of February 12, the Czech Institute of Disease Prevention and Control (Hygienicka stanice) has changed the rules for ordering quarantine. According to MZDR 5146/2021-1/OVZ, persons that have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 will not need to be in quarantine if both persons (the one that tested positive as well as the one that was in contact with the tested person) have worn appropriate respiratory protection (e.g. disposable facemask or respirator).

Improvised nose and mouth protection (scarf, shawl or cloth facemask) is no longer considered adequate respiratory protection.

Please see the link for relevant document from Ministry of Health (Czech only)