2021, November 29 - UNYP's Final Examination Period (DEC 13-17) going fully online

Dear Students,

The measures introduced under the state of emergency that was declared by the Government of the Czech Republic in effect from November 26, do not impose directives that would affect the delivery mode of classes. Therefore, unless we receive different instructions from the relevant authorities, classes will run as they have up till now for the next two weeks (on campus with students that were granted exceptions being allowed to join via ZOOM).* However, the final examination period (Dec 13-17) will be fully online. ** We want to ensure that students in the same class have the same format of their final examination/assignments.

*If you are in you are enrolled in fully online classes, these will continue without change.

** Please follow ESC instructions for ESC classes.

We wish you a safe and successful end of the semester.